Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Theo Jansen Invent Artificial Life and a New Wheel

Having the modest goal to create artificial life, Theo Jansen not only invented a new wheel, a better wheel, and employed math, geometry and science to new extremes but also successfully accomplished his goal.

Theo Jansen: The art of creating creatures

Visual Statistics - a Powerful Mathematical View of the World

Hans Rosling: Watch the end of poverty
With the right mathematical tools, starting with numerical data and using visual representation, Hans Rosling, a Swedish statistician, present an alternative view of the geopolitical world.

Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas (TED, 2007)

Alan Kay's brilliant Math-learning tool.

Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas

Auditory & Visual Patterns: The Raspyni Brothers Juggle at TED (Feb. 2008)

Starting at 11:30 (min:sec) of the video clip, listen to the sound of the juggling pins as they hit the jjgglers' palms - the rhythm is an auditory pattern. Freeze frame the video and see their trajectories. These are visual geometric patterns. The two types of patterns coincide.

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Raspyni Brothers: Welcome to Vaudeville 2.0