Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Theo Jansen Invent Artificial Life and a New Wheel

Having the modest goal to create artificial life, Theo Jansen not only invented a new wheel, a better wheel, and employed math, geometry and science to new extremes but also successfully accomplished his goal.

Theo Jansen: The art of creating creatures

Visual Statistics - a Powerful Mathematical View of the World

Hans Rosling: Watch the end of poverty
With the right mathematical tools, starting with numerical data and using visual representation, Hans Rosling, a Swedish statistician, present an alternative view of the geopolitical world.

Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas (TED, 2007)

Alan Kay's brilliant Math-learning tool.

Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas

Auditory & Visual Patterns: The Raspyni Brothers Juggle at TED (Feb. 2008)

Starting at 11:30 (min:sec) of the video clip, listen to the sound of the juggling pins as they hit the jjgglers' palms - the rhythm is an auditory pattern. Freeze frame the video and see their trajectories. These are visual geometric patterns. The two types of patterns coincide.

clipped from
Raspyni Brothers: Welcome to Vaudeville 2.0

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brain Teasers, Word Puzzle No. 1

The words listed below have something in common. What is it? For an extra reward, i.e., more satisfaction, can you arrange them in the proper sequence according to this common trait of theirs? And for even more satisfaction, if you are up for the challenge, add the last word of the sequence.

A hint, one word in the list does not share the common attribute. However, in one important respect it does belong to the sequence and therefore serves as a hint to the solution.

The given words are:

Reflection, Cheers, Thousand, Alpha, Scotch, American, Steady, Father, Fourth, Winner, Inn